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James Coates

Impact Media Win IMA Award

Today’s a glorious day – apart from the heavy rain, Impact’s very own website has been gifted the ‘Best In Class’ award for Website Development category at the 2011 Interactive Media Awards.

We would all like to thank our Mum’s and families for their support! Not really, when we were working late – it was US who had to travel to McDonald’s for a takeaway, US! If only you brought us in a casserole or spag bowl!

Apart from this – this is fantastic news and Best In Class means that we scored a whopping 488/500. The scores from the judges are shown below for anyone who wants to read.

Design : 98
Content : 97
Feature Functionality : 100
Usability : 95
Standards Compliance & Cross Browser Compatibility : 98

Many congratulations to Martin Dines and James Greenaway for their long hours and hard effort.
Well done lads.

To win an award our entry had to successfully pass through their comprehensive judging system. The judges utilize a points-based scoring system which allows each entry to receive a maximum of 500 points. By adhering to the specific guidelines and criteria of this system their judges are able to maintain the highest degree of fairness, accuracy and integrity; competently and effectively evaluate entries; and, deliver clear results.

Our website was scored using five specific criteria, with a score from 0-100 awarded for each criterion. The total of these five scores established the overall score up to a maximum of 500. Websites receiving an overall score between 460 and 479 receive an Outstanding Achievement award. Websites receiving an overall score between 480 and 500 receive the Best in Class award.

A few of the IMA  judges include Cadbury Schweppes, American Express, CNN Money, Deutsche Bank Asset Management, Microsoft, New Line Cinema and Time Warner. (A few well known names).

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